Reyka Small Batch Vodka / 700mL

Category: Spirits
Sub-Category: Vodka

When Reyka set out to create the first vodka distillery in Iceland, they chose this unique little country for its natural resources and used our 147 years of industry-leading experience to create an artfully innovative vodka that's made with arctic spring water.

Turns out, the arctic spring water they use is so pure, the independent lab hired to test it thought their machines were broken.

It's this water from the glaciers that allows the distinctive flavour of Reyka to shine through without mineral content getting in the way.

The result was a smooth, clean vodka which was awarded the Vodka Trophy at the 2011 International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC) and named a Top Spirit of the Year 2013 by Wine Enthusiast.

Just a few reasons why our small batch vodka is so clean, smooth, and crisp:

  • Made from the purest water in the world
  • Filtered by lava rocks, which is the mos t natural and effective way to filter vodka
  • Distilled in a rare copper Carter-Head Still; it's the only one used to distill vodka
  • The Carter-Head Still removes more impurities than any other type of still in the world
  • Made at our zero-emission geo-thermal distillery in Borgarnes, Iceland