Domaine Pithon-Paillé Grololo Rosé / 2020 / 750mL
Category: Wine
Sub-Category: Rose Wine

A lesser-known French grape made by small-scale organic and biodynamic producers. "Grololo", a French play on words for the grape Grolleau.

About the domaine:

Jo Pithon started his famed domaine in 1978. His parents were winemakers in Anjou, and Jo has done as much as anyone to lift the appellation onto the world stage. His focus on dry whites, now commonplace, was very innovative in the last two decades of the 20th century.

Also at the forefront of organic farming, he uses indigenous yeasts and the rejection of sugar and acid additions. Pithon works with a small handful of biodynamic growers – just one farmer for Grololo and another for the Mozaik Blanc – to create some of the freshest and most soulful wines in France.

As he nears retirement, Jo has brought on the youthful and talented Adrien Moreau, a rising star in the Loire Valley, to help make the wines.


The rose is a direct press of grolleau grapes that ferment in tanks and are bottled the February after harvest.

Tasting Notes:

This Rosé is fruity and textural. Strawberries galore but with a savoury edge. Worth decanting to let the flavours really open up.

Soil Type:

From Gordonne, clay and shisteous soils.