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Balthasar Ress

Hattenheim Engelmannsberg Riesling Trocken / 2011 / 750mL

Displays good cut to the firm flavors of ripe apple, peach and apricot, with minerally snap. Savory notes of juicy citrus and quince accent the finish.

Balthasar Ress

Hattenheim Engelmannsberg Riesling Trocken / 2012 / 750mL

The young wines show great delicacy. They are rather subtle in terms of fruit, substance, and complexity. Alcohol levels are somewhat lower than in the wines of the past three years, yet the new vintage wines are no less powerful and firm. They are great wines with great aging potential.

Balthasar Ress

Hattenheimer Schutzenhaus Riesling Kabinett / 2013 / 750mL

Citrus fragrance and flavours of green apple. Light and fruit driven with a touch of natural sweetness. A racy and crisp Riesling Kabinett.

Balthasar Ress

Rudesheim Berg Schlossberg Riesling Trocken / 2010 / 750mL

Give it some air and you'll get a deep scent of stone fruit and some citrus tones with a slight herbal aromas and distinct minerality. Clear, complex and real dry in the mouth. Very fine acidity on the palate, slightly herbal to and earthy; very good persistence and depth; fine and juicy with elegant finish.

Best's Wines

Riesling / 2021 / 750mL

A real insider’s wine, or another Best Kept Secret, Great Western Riesling is aromatic and flavoursome yet structured and spectacularly age-worthy. Best's Rieslings stand confidently alongside their acclaimed South Australian cousins. The Great Western region lends itself well to producing exceptional Rieslings – its diurnal weather patterns (warm days/cold nights) work well for this varietal. Some of our original nursery plantings can be traced back to Germany, so there's a significant history and pedigree in the root stock of Great Western Riesling.

Grown on the sandy loams of the Concongella Creek and the Rhymney Vineyard sites, and occasionally from selected local vineyards, Best’s Riesling shows the intensity and finesse that are hallmarks of the Great Western region. The wine is made to show true varietal characteristics, achieved by letting the pristine fruit shine above all else. It is cold fermented in stainless steel tanks, retaining the fruit’s inherent aromatics and acidity. Balance, texture and fruit flavour make for an accessible, food-friendly wine. And while made to drink now, it will definitely age for many years to come. We can testify that Best’s Great Western Rieslings from the 1970s are drinking superbly now.

Bird in Hand

Riesling / 2019 / 750mL


McKenzie William Eden Valley Riesling / 2018 / 750mL

Cherry Tree Hill

Riesling / 2018 / 750mL


Riesling / 2021 / 750mL

Fresh natural acidity driven with superb floral and mineral notes - the citrus is more fleshy than piercing, balancing beautifully with the floral perfume.

Cooter & Cooter

Watervale Riesling / 2021 / 750mL

Sourced from two tiny parcels in prime Riesling country, with its signature red dirt over limestone. Hand-picked in the cool of the night to help ensure a slow start to fermentation. De-stemmed, then gently pressed, keeping the pressings separate. A cool ferment of 12 degrees was maintained over 16 days. The two vineyard batches were kept separate until final blending took place. Left on lees until final filtration prior to bottling. Zestful, yet fine, epitomising what dry Watervale Riesling’s all about. Freshly squeezed key lime and lemon rind with a hint of rose petal perfume. Picked early to retain loads of natural, crunchy acid.

Crawford River

Riesling / 2019 / 750mL

Always an exciting release each year - this year does not disappoint.

Delicate citrus, white florals and green melon combine with hints of chalk and talc on the nose. A stone-like mineral quality flows from the start of the palate throughout, alongside chalky texture and layers of complexity that meld fruit weight and acidity seamlessly.

Crawford River

Young Vines Riesling / 2021 / 750mL

Orange citrus notes and a stone-like mineral elements on the nose with bright, red apple and a powdery talc note on the palate.

Crisp and clean, while maintaining the rounded quality of white stone fruit- mouth-watering.

Domaine Schieferkopf

Trocken Riesling / 2017 / 750mL

Felton Road

Bannockburn Riesling / 2021 / 750mL



Sea Star Organic Riesling / 2016 / 750mL

Full bodied pinot noir with vineyard elements of spice and blue flowers that shine through beautifully into the textural palate of expanding blueberry and ripened plum.

Long fine-grained tannins threaded with subtle French oak smoke, support the fruit throughout.


Polish Hill Riesling / 2021 / 750mL

$ 70.00 Mixed 6
$ 70.00 Mixed 12


Springvale Riesling / 2021 / 750mL

$ 50.00 Mixed 12

Harewood Estate

Great Southern Riesling / 2020 / 750mL


Riesling Classic / 2016 / 750mL

A very fresh yellow, pale green with dominant hints of green with lighter hints of the pale yellow of lime trees in spring, some silver, crystalline highlights, a pleasant energetic sheen, full and lively legs. The aroma is still a bit restrained and serious but with the fresh, clear, precise and well stated fruitiness of lime, fresh kiwi, lemongrass, gooseberry, fresh moss and a lightly mineral flinty nuance. On the palate this is a dry, refreshing and lively wine with a pleasant sense of tension and vivacity which enlivens the palate, it's rounded and full flavour amply quenches the thirst.


Riesling Grossi Laue / 2011 / 750mL

On the palate it is clearly a dry Riesling of the highest quality with a full, broad, juicy and strong structure, complimented with a wonderful astringency which adds length and character to the flavour. There is also a remarkably harmonious after-taste.


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